Coffee Shop Draft Proposal

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION From a cultural standpoint, coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction. The coffeehouse provides social members with a place to cognate, talk, write, read, entertain one another, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups of 2 or 3. Every Morning it will not be complete without breakfast and a cup of coffee in the table of the Filipinos. Sometimes they only drink coffee to fill up their stomach when they are in hurry for office or even for school; it keeps them awake. They say that it help’s blood to flow better.
Coffee shops or coffeehouses have been in use since 16th century, particularly in the Middle East, where Turkish coffee house was drunk and men played board games or read books and listened to music. Many people find that coffee contains stimulants called caffeine. Filtering hot water through ground beans makes the best. A special filter for coffee is used to create such aroma, and when settled, and turned into a ground-powdered coffee, just a hot water will do the rest. Many people drink instant coffee, as it is quick and easy to prepare.
Evaporating huge amounts of prepared coffee makes instant coffee powder. The powder dissolves in hot water to make a coffee drink instantly. Coffee is drunk by about one third of the word people making the most popular beverages after tea. Coffee shops are establishments where people gather to enjoy a cup of coffee. In most shops, there is a wide range of options with the type of coffee drinks offered, starting with plain coffee and moving through a selection of specialty coffee drinks that are often difficult to find at restaurants and other locations.

Many shops of this type also offer a limited selection of food and other beverages, making them ideal for a quick snack or a light meal. In some cases, the coffee shop is part of a large corporation. When this is the case, decisions about what types of coffee are sold are made at corporate level. The corporation will often have specific instructions as to the type of coffee maker that is used in the shop, as well as a particular brand of coffee roaster for the raw coffee beans that are purchased in bulk and resold to the local franchises.
This uniform approach makes it possible for the same level of quality to be found at any coffee shop associated with the corporation. While the idea of a coffee shop was once limited to metropolitan areas, shops of this type are now found in many smaller towns and even some rural areas. With a product line built around one of the most popular beverages in the world, a coffee shop stands an excellent chance of becoming a popular gathering spot, assuming the location is good and the prices are within reason. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM
This study seems to determine the feasibility of establishing a coffee shop at. This study has the following areas of concern: MARKETING ASPECT 1. Who will be the possible costumers? 2. What is the potential target of the coffee shop business? 3. What marketing strategy should be adopted in order to assure the success of the business? 4. What is the present demand and supply situation for the project and prosperity for the future? 5. What is the primary target market of the business? OPERATIONAL ASPECT 1. What are the machines and equipment’s that will be needed for the operation? 2.
Where will be the project should be located and why that place is suitable for the proposed project? 3. What form of machines will be most appropriate and effective for the proposed project? 4. How to determine the place suited for business? 5. How many machines needed for the operation of the business? ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECT 1. What will be the organization set up of the business? 2. What benefits should be given to the staff? 3. What will be the human resource requirement of the project their qualification and responsibilities? 4. What form of organization will be most appropriate and effective for the proposed project? . What management organization will adopt the policies and strategies to attain the objective of the project? FINANCIAL ASPECT 1. How much will be the total cost of the business? 2. What will be the primary financing the business? 3. How long will it take to recover the installed primary capital? 4. What financial strategies are to be adopted for the feasibility of the project initial capitalization and growth? 5. How to determine the sources for financing the business? OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY This study was designed to determine the feasibility and accessibility of the Daniel Cafe at the Robinson’s Place Ermita, Manila
The study aims to locate the best possible site for the type of coffee shop chosen, taking into consideration the degree of competition, the potential for growth and expansion, and the contribution to profit. The overall objective of the study is to determine feasibility of putting up this type of business (Coffee Shop) and to be able to determine the needs of the costumers. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study undertakes to prove whether the proposed project would e feasible or not. The results of the study are significant with regard to following.
With the establishment of this proposed project this can add revenue to the government because of the taxes it will pay. The proposed project will benefit the people by providing employment while also serving the public within an entertaining coffee shop. Individuals, researcher and students who are doing studies regarding this particular line of industry may in one way or another be benefited by the study and lastly it will provide employment to those who possesses necessary skills but are unemployed. They will be given the opportunity to utilize their talents if this study will be pushed through and materializes.
In addition, people would engage putting up a coffee shop business, and therefore will be benefited of the different aspects in the same manner that this could be a help in the concepts. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY The scope of the study seems encompassing since the culture of coffee drinking is universal in nature and in all four corners of the world. However this study limits its scope to finding out why drinking coffee will persist even with the entry of different beverages. The study has limited its discussion on the Filipino culture in particular, the coffee drinking activity of its people based in Metro Manila.
Taft Avenue is a place located in the center of Metro Manila, where one can find the bulk of the coffee shops. This place is frequently visited by the student and professionals coming from different part of Metro Manila. METHODOLOGY The realization of the study would seem impossible without the use of the researcher methods and techniques, which are fundamentals to the accumulation of data. The idea accumulation proper, the researcher made use of the analytical sampling technique which is appropriate in the date gathering for establishing the business.
We also use straight line method in getting the data for the supply and demand computation. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE LOCAL LITERATURE So the coffeehouse — a so-called third place, beyond home and work, that the sociologist Ray Oldenburg has posited is crucial to developing a sense of place, civic engagement and democracy — offers an ever-dwindling opportunity “to share an experience in public,” Mr. Pendergrast said. Coffee shops have become driving forces in gentrifying areas, with merchant groups and development advocates looking to establish cafes to seed other types of mom-and-pop activity.
In Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, a politically engaged coffeehouse called Vox Pop caused a minor sensation when it opened on Cortelyou Road in 2004, quickly becoming a symbol for what some saw as the neighborhood’s new cachet. It, too, has struggled financially in recent years, and it has managed to survive in part by selling shares to customers. Jan Rosenberg, a sociologist and real estate agent who has been active in spurring commercial development in the neighborhood, helped lure an outlet of the small chain Connecticut Muffin nearby. Now she is looking for a cafe for Newkirk Avenue a few blocks away. It brings a flock of people to a street — everyone likes a good cup of coffee — and it gives them a chance to sit down and bump into each other,” Ms. Rosenberg said. “It’s simple, really, but if you don’t have that and you’re always getting the train to go to work and getting your coffee there, you don’t have those bump-into-someone experiences, and that’s important in a city neighborhood. ” FOREIGN LITERATURE The story of how coffee growing and drinking spread around the world is one of the greatest and most romantic in history.
It starts in the Horn of Africa, in Ethiopia, where the coffee tree probably originated in the province of Kaffa. There are various fanciful but unlikely stories surrounding the discovery of the properties of roasted coffee beans. One story has it that an Ethiopian goatherd was amazed at the lively behaviour of his goats after chewing red coffee berries. What we know with more certainty is that the succulent outer cherry flesh was eaten by slaves taken from present day Sudan into Yemen and Arabia, through the great port of its day, Mocha, now synonymous with coffee.
Coffee was certainly being cultivated in Yemen by the 15th century and probably much earlier than that. Mocha was also the main port for the one sea route to Mecca, and was the busiest place in the world at the time. But the Arabs had a strict policy not to export any fertile beans, so that coffee could not be cultivated anywhere else. The coffee bean is the seed of the coffee tree, but when stripped of its outer layers it becomes infertile. The race to make off with some live coffee trees or beans was eventually won by the Dutch in 1616, who brought some back to Holland where they were grown in greenhouses.
Initially, the authorities in Yemen actively encouraged coffee drinking as it was considered preferable to the extreme side effects of Kat, a shrub whose buds and leaves were chewed as a stimulant. The first coffeehouses were opened in Mecca and were called ‘kaveh kanes’. They quickly spread throughout the Arab world and became successful places where chess was played, gossip was exchanged, and singing, dancing and music were enjoyed. They were luxuriously decorated and each had an individual character.
Nothing quite like the coffeehouse had existed before: a place where society and business could be conducted in comfortable surroundings and where anyone could go, for the price of coffee. The Arabian coffeehouses soon became centres of political activity and were suppressed. Coffee and coffeehouses were subsequently banned several times over the next few decades, but they kept reappearing. Eventually a solution was found when coffeehouses and coffee were taxed. DEFINITION OF TERMS AROMA pleasant smell, good fragrance. BULK great in quantitative number or volume
BUSHES a low shrub with way branches CAFFEINE organic compounds of the porcine ground, accruing in coffee shop bean tealeaf Cappuccino A decadent combination of strong Espresso smoothed out with equal quantities of steamed milk and foamed milk, creating a luxurious cap that can be garnished with either chocolate or cinnamon powder. Usually presented in a large classic cup. COFFEE an evergreen shrubs, leaves ival, in opposite pairs flower white fragrant. COFFEE BEAN the seeds of the coffee plant COFFEE GRINDER a tool used in grinding coffee
COFFEE HOUSE a shop selling coffeeand other refreshments especially one frequented in England. COFFEE SHOP small restaurant that maybe attach to a hotel, serving meals and snacks, especially coffee. CREAM the rich fatty part of milk Espresso A small but potent coffee served black, in a small demitasse cup or glass. Characterized by a flavor and aroma so intense they bite. The perfect Espresso can only be created by forcing water at 9 bar pressure and 88 C through a tightly compact wad of 8 grams of freshly ground coffee beans, producing 1. 7 fluid oz of coffee in exactly 22 seconds.
Such precision is crucial for what is the base of most specialty coffees. Espresso is the fastest growing method of making coffee. All the other methods involve a ‘natural’ form of infusion, and for a small cost, you can have a system that will make acceptable coffee and quickly. High quality espresso is more expensive to make because extracting the greatest amount of flavor from the bean requires a high level of pressure (8-10 bar) and thus a high quality machine. Frappuccino is the name and registered trademark of a Starbucks blended ice beverage and a bottled coffee beverage.
Starbucks says that its frappuccino recipe was invented in 1995 by Greg Rogers, an assistant manager of a Starbucks Store on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade and was launched on April Fool’s Day in 1995. The original frappuccino is a blend of ice and a mix constituted of coffee, water, milk, and various syrups. The result is a beverage that is a little icy like a slush, but with a consistency that is similar to a thin milkshake FILTERING a machine for percolating espresso one or preparing coffee as a drink by passing the boiling water repeatedly through the ground beans. HARVEST gathering in the ripened crops
Macchiato A small strong coffee with a delicate first impression created by placing a small amount of foamed milk on top of the cream. Served in a demitasse cup or glass. A shot or two of espresso that has been poured into a cup filled with steamed milk and topped off with foamed milk (about a 1/4″). MARKET a meeting of people for buying and selling merchandise RESTAURANT place for food and entertainment SEASON a period of time when something plentiful SUBTROPICAL the regions bordering on tropics SUGAR a white crystalline substance obtain from sugar cane TEA a shrub growing in china mixed with water
VARIETY diversity, an assortment Questionnaire Please check the answer that suits for you 1. Do you love drinking coffee? __ Yes __ No 2. How often do you drink coffee? __ Once a day __ Twice a day __ 3 times or more 3. Do you prefer cheap coffees to expensive ones? __Yes __No 4. Which Coffee Products do you prefer? __Espresso __Brewed Coffee __Cappuccino __Frapuccino 5. Which do you prefer? __ Hot Coffee __ Cold Coffee CHAPTER II MARKETING ASPECT INDUSTRY PROFILE Coffee Shop industry in the Philippines is now flourishing because of the coming of different imported coffee shop usually from US.
Unlike before when coffee shops were rarely found, now they are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. The known ones are Starbucks Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Bean and others. We only knew one which is Filipino owned, Figaro. Seeing their success in this industry, we would also like to have a share in the market and eventually outgrow those aliens. The competition will be tough, but still we are certain to have a “slice of the pie” through our extravagant coffee and service, with the lowest price as possible.
Coffee shop is one of the most important establishments nowadays. Filipino loves to drink coffee. It is the place where everyone is longing for. As population increases, demands for coffee are also increase. These give opportunities for some establishment for coffee shop to become stable for its operation and its investor to become profitable. The present administration is inviting and encouraging entrepreneurs to put up small and medium scale establishments because it will create a big impact to the present status of our economy. Consumer taste and personal income drive demand.
The profitability of individual companies depends on the ability to secure prime locations, drive store traffic, and deliver high-quality products. Large companies have advantages in purchasing, finance, and marketing. Small companies can compete effectively by offering specialized products, serving a local market, or providing superior customer service. Major products include beverages and food. Beverages include brewed coffee and tea; espresso drinks (cappuccinos, cafe lattes); cold blended beverages; bottled water; soft drinks; and juices.
Food includes pastries, bakery items, desserts, sandwiches, and candy. Many coffee shops sell whole or ground coffee beans for home consumption. Some coffee shops sell coffee or espresso-making equipment, grinders, mugs, and other accessories. Most coffee shops serve high-quality, premium coffee known as specialty coffee. Coffee shops compete with businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations, quick service and fast food restaurants, gourmet food shops, and donut shops. DESCRIPTION AND USES OF THE PRODUCT Daniel’s Cafe offers a different flavor of coffee.
Here in the properties of the products, the partners would like tell the necessary and mostly the basic in making the different flavors of coffee. It is nice to know how the products became as tasteful, what are the procedures, the ingredients that go into certain products. The Daniel’s Cafe will operate a self- service basis. The customer service starts their entry to the establishment. After the waiter crew had taken the orders an transmitted them to the food counter, customers are lined-up to pay their bills to the cashier.
After the payment, the respective orders are served and the customers choose and sit on the tables an start to enjoy their coffee and food POPULATION / CONSUMER BEHAVIOR The progressive town of Manila. It has of population with in the vicinity. It is also accessible to some cities or town like Pasay, Quezon City, Marikina, Antipolo, Makati an etc. So even passerby may be attracted to our coffee shop. We want to cater to classes A, B, and C of the society who can affor our prices and amenities. Recreation is another thing we can offer.
If they want to have fun an relaxation, Daniel’s Cafe is where they would want to be. DEMAND ANALYSIS To determined the historical demand of certain business is very important because this will serve as a guide for the computation of the future demand. It will based on the number of the target market. It is greatly needed to identify the demand situation. Our group conduct interview and distributed questionnaire near the location to acquire the necessary and needed information. Historical Demand Table 1 YEAR |DEMAND | |2008 |63,000 | |2009 |64,000 | |2010 |66,000 | |2011 |69. 000 | Projected Demand Table 2 YEAR |DEMAND | |2012 |63,544 | |2013 |64,523 | |2014 |65,675 | |2015 |66,554 | |2016 |66,777 | |2017 |67,999 | Supply Analysis Table 3 PRODUCT |2010 |2011 |2012 | |Coffee |9000 |10,000 |11,000 | |Sugar |9,000 |10,000 |11,000 | |Cream |7,000 |9,000 |12,000 | |Ice |5,000 |6,000 |7,000 | |Milk 4,000 |5,000 |6,000 | |Whip Cream |11,000 |12,000 |13,000 | |Choco |9,000 |10,000 |11,000 | |Iced Tea |11,000 |12,000 |13,000 | |Mocha |4,000 |5,000 |6,000 | |Strawberry |6,000 |7,000 |8,000 | |Mango |9,000 |10,000 |11,000 | |Apple |12,000 |13,000 |14,000 | |Berries |3,000 |4,000 |5,000 | |Other Fruits |6,000 |7,000 |8,000 | DEMANDS AND SUPPLY CONSOLIDATION It is the overall consolidation of supply and demand for the first year operation. Through this we could determine if the company will provide the required number of orders by saying solution or by having between supply and demand based in our findings the supply must than the demand it means that the consumers will not satisfy the product it means the market. PURCHASES Raw Materials Espresso Shot |Caffe latte | | | | |1 tsp espresso |1 tsp espresso | |? cup of steamed milk |? cup steamed milk | |1 tsp foamed milk |? cup foamed milk | |? cup aromatic cream |? up hot water | |? cup of hot water | | |Cappucino |Caffe Mocha | | | | |1/4 cup foamed milk |? cup whipped cream | |? cup steamed milk |? teamed milk | |1/4 cup espresso |1 tsp espresso | | |1 tsp mocha syrup | |Creamy Chocolate Frosting |Daniel’s Coffee | | | | |2 ? confectioners sugar |? steamed milk | |6 T unsweetened cocoa power |? rewed coffee | |6 T butter |1 tsp sugar | |5 T evaporated milk | | |1 T vanilla extract | | |Daniel’s Hot Tea |Satiny Chocolate Glaze | | | | |1 tsp brooked bond tea |? cup semisweet chocolate cake | |1 tsp sugar |3 T butter | |? cup steamed milk |? teaspoon vanilla extract | |? up hot water | | |Banana Brownie Cake |Rock Cake | | | | |1 cup all purpose cream |125 g strong flour | |3 T butter |100 ml milk | |1 T butter |125 g soft flour | |? t vanilla extract |10 g baking powder | |1 L ripe banana |Few drops lemon essence | |1 cup sugar |60 g mixed fruit egg wash | |2 egg whites |125 g margarine or butter | |? up buttermilk |25 g granulated sugar | |1 tsp vanilla extract |125 g castor sugar | | |1 egg | |Apple Cake |Cream of Chicken Soup | | | | |3 apples |125 g butter | |? up butter |125 g flour | |2 eggs |2 liters white chicken stock | |1 cup milk |200 ml cream | |3 cups all purpose flour |50 g butter | |1 tsp salt | | |Cream of Asparagus Soup |Cream of Cauliflower soup | | | | |125 g butter |125 g butter | |125 g flour |125 g flour | |2 L vegetable stock |2. L of vegetable stock | |800 g asparagus stalks |1 K cauliflower | |200 ml cream |1 bouquet | |50 g butter |200 ml cream | |Salt and pepper |50 g butter | |Cream of Mushroom Soup |Crumb | | | | |125 g butter |? cup flour | |125 g flour |? up sugar | |2 liters vegetable stock |1 cinnamon | |800 g mushroom |Dash nutmeg | |200 ml cream | | |50 g butter | | |Salt an pepper | | MARKETING STRATEGY/ MARKET PLANNING/ MARKET SEGMENTATION
To attract different costumers business should have different strategies regarding their products and packing to satisfy the needs or wants of their costumers. A product is which produced by nature, labor, though and chemical change. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY/ ACTIVITY We propose to have very heavy advertising by news paper, pamphlets, billboard and radio announcements as time passes the advertising will be weekly and monthly basis. Under the heading of sales promotion are many schemes deviser to ohld and attract costumer the proposed coffee shop will utilize different promotional materials such a different style of menu card, brochures, banners to attract costumers.
Our target market is an urban place with many business establishments around having this set up, it will be easy for us to have more potential customers and be easy accessible to all. PRICING STRATEGY Since Daniel Cafe is using differentiation in quality of food and services as well in pricing too. Pricing of good is very important in competitive activity that’s why Paul’s Cafe comes up with low prices strategy. Its competitors are having quit higher prices that Paul’s Cafe SELLING PRICE/ COST PER UNIT People now a day would buy the best product in a lowest possible price. Our goal in prixing is to achieve the investment of the net sales, to stabilize prize and to improve market share and maximize the profit. Hot Drinks |8 oz |16 oz | |Brewed Coffee |39 Php |69 Php | |Espresso |45 Php |65 Php | |Cappuccino |45 Php |79 Php | |Cafe Latte |55 Php |75 Php | |Cafe Mocha |59 Php |79 Php | |Chocolate |45 Php |69 Php | |Steamed Milk |55 Php |67 Php | |Americano |66 Php |79 Php | Cold Drinks |12 oz | |Ice Coffee |49 Php | |Decaf |59 Php | |Ice Cappucino |59 Php | |Ice Mocha |85 Php | |Ice Latte |69 Php | |Iced Tea |45 Php | |Chocolate |77 Php | |Chilled Milk |88 Php | CHAPTER III PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONAL ASPECT DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION PROCESS Production or Operational Aspect is important for every business. Business will be nothing without this aspect. The use of flow chart could help show the sequence of and the relationship of work until to another. First in the operation of Daniel’s Cafe is purchasing of much needed supply that is good for one month use of operation.
Then this supply goes to designated operation channel, the ingredients needed in the operation for the one month will go directly in the coffee station. The production of goods will be at the business site itself. The Operational Aspect is very broad aspect. It focuses on the whole operation of the business from making the product to serving. He process should be well organized to produce a good quality of product at low operational cost. Daniel’s cafe offers a different flavor of coffee. Here in the properties of the products, the partners would like tell the necessary and mostly the basic in making the different flavors of coffee. It is nice to know how the products became as tasteful, what are the procedures, the ingredients that go into a certain products.
OPERATING HOURS PAUL’S CAFE opens at 10:00 in the morning everyday to accommodate the early lunch crowd. It closes at 10:00 in the evening from Saturday to Sundays and at 12 midnight every Monday to Friday. It will operate 7 days a week. DESIGNING PRODUCTION FACILITY FLOOR PLAN PLANT LOCATION The business will be located at Robinson’s Place Manila. The site was chosen because it is strategically located in the middle of business or commercial district of Pedro Gil and school areas. The location and the size of the are to be rented are suitable to our proposed project. Hence, the area is accessible to any mode of transportation. PROFILE OF PLANT LOCATION
PLANT LAYOUT The plant layout for the business should be drawn by the engineer in accordance with the design preferred by the partners it was located at Robinson’s place Ermita. It was a coffee garden style model. The area is about 61 square meters and it will be divided as the business required. It was a one story building but it has terraced outside and a parking lot for more convenient of our customers. PROPERTY PLANT AND EQUIPMENT Espresso Machine Tea BrewersCoffee Decanters Decanters Gourmet WhipBlendersTables and Chairs INTERNAL CONTROL The proponents will maintain policy relative to the maintenance of accuracy and cleanliness in the work place.
Garbage can and bags be distributed outside and inside. The next is the price of materials, the partners will look for the sources that can supply the quality raw materials at lower cost. Utilities are very important to our proposed business. The electricity, which supplies power for our coffee shop without the electricity the business, cannot continue for its operation. We need electricity for the lights, and for the machines making the coffee product. Electricity will coordinate to the office of MERALCO. Supply of water will also be important for us to be able to maintain the cleanliness of our business. Manila water will be our chosen supplier.
Another important utility is telephone, which is used for communicating consumers and suppliers. The Philippine Long Distance Company will install this. QUALITY CONTROL TECHNIQUES The secret of good food lies in strict control. A quality control procedure id to be set up at Daniel’s Cafe that requires strict adherence from everybody. The manager will be held responsible for its strict implementation. Strict adherence to recipes is closely monitored and controlled to achieve the goal of standardized to quality. The recipes should have exact measurements and weights of the ingredients, the preparation and mixing instruction as well as the approved and tested substitution of the original recipe.
One of the required policies that a coffee shop should implement is cleanliness of the business; we are looking forward to a coffee shop that will give our customer a welcome and relaxing ambience s they enter and realized the beauty of our coffee shop, offering good services and product. It is our one way of inviting customer to patronize our business. We assure our customers that our products will be dispose properly, on a right place for the assurance of their safety. CHAPTER IV ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT ASPECT TYPE OF ORGANIZATION Partnership A partnership is a type of business entity in which partners (owners) share with each other the profits or losses of the business. Partnerships are often favored over corporations for taxation purposes, as the partnership structure does not generally incur a tax on profits before it is distributed to the partners (i. e. there is no dividend tax levied).
However, depending on the partnership structure and the jurisdiction in which it operates, owners of a partnership may be exposed to greater personal liability than they would as shareholders of a corporation. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Organizational structure are diagram forms representing the important aspect of an organization including their major functions and their corresponding relationship, the channels of supervision and the relative authority of each employees in charge of their respective function. The proposed business venture is intended to create market and to render processing services at affordable price. Taking into accounts is the size of the business its importance to determined the appropriate organizational structure which sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. The proposed name will be “DANIEL’S CAFE”.
The organizational structure will serve as useful tools in helping visualize the organization. The structure will indicate the difference function to be performed, the grouping relationship with one another. This will also serve as guide for everyone to know whom he/she will report. In making the organizational structure there are things to be considered. The first one is the efficiency that will come to the specialization, second is clarity of job definition. Internally, the company will employ laborers including the manager. The role of all partners will analyzed the flow of the business and will monitor from time to time. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE PERSONNEL AND LABORER REQUIREMENTS
The proposed business implemented by establishing in the DANIEL’S CAFE shall consist of the following workers and personnel. |POSITION |NUMBER OF EMPLOYEESS | |GENERAL MANAGER |1 | |ADMIN SUPERVISOR |1 | |ACCOUNTANT |1 | |PURCHASER |1 |CLERK |1 | |CREW |3 | |CASHIER |1 | |SECURITY GUARD |1 | DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES MANAGER – Plans and organized for the operation of the business – Concern with planning activities and establishing goals and objectives – Responsible for organizing appropriate structure, staffing, directing and motivating employees to attain those objectives – Responsible for decision making Concern with controlling and evaluating employee’s performance SUPERVISOR – Must know all the operational transactions in the business – Responsible to establish an effective means of administrative control which will permit appropriate delegation on authority – Responsible of his subordinate ACCOUNTANT – Shall be responsible for the costing, recording and preparation of financial statements – Shall check daily sales reports of the coffee shop PURCHASER – Responsible to purchase all the inventory of the restaurant CASHIER – Responsible for the custody and safe keeping of cash receipts from customers – Prepares daily cash sales and disbursement reports – Able to entertain the customers CREW He/ she is responsible in assisting the customers, and attaining to the customers demand – He / she provide the maintenance of cleanliness of the store area COMPENSATION SCHEME/ SALARY AND WAGES Compensation is defined as the adequate and equitable remuneration of personnel for their contribution to organization objectives. Some recent morale surveys tended to minimize the importance of monetary income to employees SALARY WAGES GANTT CHART/ PROJECTED TIME TABLE In estimating a business like coffee shop, it has to undergo different activities to be able to pursue such kind of business. There are schedules for different activities that the business has to make and ensure that even actual operation of the business. GANTT CHART | | | | | | | | |ACTIVITIES |JULY |AUGUST |SEPT |OCT |NOV |DEC |JAN | PREPARATION | | | | | | | | | LICENSED AND PERMIT | | | | | | | | | RENOVATION | | | | | | | | | PURCHASE OF MATERIAL | | | | | | | | | NORMAL OPERATION | | | | | | | | | FEASIBILITY Proposed Study on Establishing Coffee Cafe At _______________ ———————– PURCHASER CLERK SERVICE CREW (3) CASHIER SECURITY GUARD ACCOUNTANT ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISOR MANAGER

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