W6D2 Wald Repeat

Summarizing Your First Three Key Life Areas From Your Portfolio of Visions

Provide a comprehensive overview of your main goals 

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W6D2 Wald Repeat
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What you would like to accomplish in those areas in the short term.  

 5- 6 paragraphs in length 

* (See attachment “Sample of W” discussions for example of format and expectations.

* Use “My Portfolio” attachment to summarize Key Life Area.

* No Plagiarism 

* APA citing 7th Edition




Norms, standards, and customs developed in the family are essential to everyday life. When a person is in this realm, they have a feeling of order and know where they’re going. There’s a cliché that families are like branches on a tree; each member goes their way, but their roots stay the same. Members of a family can go at their speed because of the support they get (Cervantes et al., 2021). A strong relationship between students and their families is essential in today’s culture for student growth and success. The positive attitude of early childhood educators may be identified as an effective family engagement technique that encourages good conduct between the school and the home (Graves, Shi, & Barbera, 2022). When families are involved in activities and programs that benefit children’s learning, well-being, and results, they are more likely to be engaged.

The emotional and spiritual coziness of a house makes it perfect. As a family, the main goal is to share principles and values to grow together. Building a tranquil home life relies on three things: the connections among family members, the environment of the house, and how the house is administered. It is possible to develop as a family if you all have the same beliefs and ideas. Families may build a common feeling of purpose around the house while still giving each family member the freedom to follow their interests and passions. When you live in a place like this, you and your family spend a lot of time together talking about the things that matter most to you.

As a family, we ensure that we undertake community service projects. The community’s well-being is a monumental task. Instilling a sense of generosity in the children is the most effective method. A family must set aside some money and time to commit this kind of a commitment. For instance, we conduct some cleaning in a church, schools, and jails, among other places. We also donate some of the family’s resources to those in need by visiting a children’s home or jail. Making time for community service benefits the community and improves our family’s social well-being. It is possible to help less fortunate people if you find a project that is in accordance with your family’s interests and values. Giving back has several benefits for both parents and their children. Decide whether you want to travel during Christmas or whenever is most convenient.

In conclusion, the daily management of every home relies heavily on family objectives. Everyone in the family should be involved in developing and achieving family objectives. As a result, everyone feels a greater feeling of pride and accomplishment. Both short-term and long-term family objectives are possible in a home. Strong family bonds are built on a foundation of common objectives. If you don’t have family goals and objectives at home, you’re putting your money on shaky footing. Moving quickly and writing down certain family objectives is essential as many have no financial impact.


· 1 year


I will ensure that after one year, I should be able to be faithfully grown in my belief as a person that understands mental aspects of management in my personal life. In this way, I could receive sufficient development in my learning without negatively impacting my college education (Bożek et al., 2020). I believe I shall grow more professionally now that I am ready to gain a college education. The current professional and learning environment requires every person to know careers or skills, which results in the need to engage well with different professional development processes. In this way, the focus of my spiritual growth shall be to enhance personal beliefs so that I understand areas of my life that need growth.

Action Statement:

The process shall boost educational success since I can personally assess my external environment to determine how I can engage with resources like learning materials, school equipment, and facilities.

· 5 years


By this time, I should be able to understand the in-depth concepts of spirituality: having a connection with other persons, active participation with other persons, being more tolerant, and having a caring attitude. I shall constantly perform research to attain skills concurrent with the concepts of spirituality mentioned to determine how my growth can get managed. Integration of ethical management of concepts in my life can also be possible in this time by analyzing how the world works. Then I get involved in dealing with impartial connections with others in society.

Action Statement:

After discovering how the world constantly gets provided with growth, I can perform a personal assessment to ensure my values can be discovered by other persons I engage with. The fact that college education shapes thinking methods to assist decision-making for various concepts in life results in my focus on all my subjects and especially cohesion with current societal events.

· 15 years


My focus shall be to integrate a caring attitude, honesty, confidentiality, responsibility, connection with other persons, and mental growth in awareness (Bostad, 2022). All these concepts of spirituality and ethics are beneficial to my growth to determine areas where my life shall gain more benefits.

Action Statement:

I will remain grounded in deep spiritual and mental management so that it would be possible to get engaged with proper mental, economic, and social developments.

· 20 years


By this time, I will have realized that devotion to my high level of intellect shall be a critical outcome of my education as an adult. It would be the best decision to ensure I receive professional development and a guarantee of becoming self-sufficient in all areas that I am involved in my life. In this way, I shall be able to remember most of my learning concepts and ensure that my life is provided with more effective management in terms of development.

Action Statement:

Attainment of knowledge shall become my focus to ensure I get provided with a boost towards success by eliminating ignorance and discovering how to attain self-development.


For year 1: To understand the true meaning of spirituality and ethical concepts.

For 5 years: To apply spirituality and ethical concepts practically.

For 15 years: To ensure my personal life becomes a display of all my internal convictions.

For 20 years: To develop a legacy that different people shall view and aim to emulate based on all beneficial outcomes.


Bostad, I. (2022). An ethics of rhythm—reflections on justice and education. Ethics And Education, 17(2), 149-162. doi: 10.1080/17449642.2022.2054559.

Bożek, A., Nowak, P., & Blukacz, M. (2020). The Relationship Between Spirituality, Health-Related Behavior, and Psychological Well-Being. Frontiers In Psychology, 11. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01997.

Cervantes, R. C., Koutantos, E., Cristo, M., Gonzalez-Guarda, R., Fuentes, D., & Gutierrez, N. (2021). Optimism and the American Dream: Latino Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges Toward Reaching Personal and Family Goals. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 43(3), 135-154. retrieved from:

Optimism and the American Dream: Latino Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges Toward Reaching Personal and Family Goals – Richard C. Cervantes, Elias Koutantos, Martha Cristo, Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda, Diego Fuentes, Nancy Gutierrez, 2021 (sagepub.com)

Graves, C., Shi, H. X., & Barbera, F. (2022). Family-centred non-economic goals and the internationalisation of family firms: Evidence from Australia. International Business Review, 31(4), 101974.

Two (2) Samples of Week 6 D2

Natasha Mills


Summarizing Your First Three Key Life Areas From Your Portfolio of Visions

Top of Form

Goals are critical to the realization of success in one’s life. This is because they provide a direction which when followed, leads people to their ambitions. “It is well established that goals energize and direct behavior across the lifespan” (Bühler et al., 2019, p.359). This factor is extremely important in adulthood because it is in adulthood that many individuals question whether they are making any progress in life. Personally, I ask myself this question repeatedly and when this happens, I always draw back to my life goals and determine how much progress I have made over time. Therefore, the development of goals and objectives for my key life areas provides me with the direction I should follow to attain my desired end of life goal.

Family and Home

The first key life area for which I have developed a goal, action statement, and an objective is family and home. My goal in this key life area is to be an inspiration to my son by achieving what I set out to achieve, in this case, completing my master’s program that consists of completing a research project aimed at causing positive social change by impacting the concept of leadership. As Bühler et al. (2019) posit, there is a direct relationship between the content of life goals, the importance of such goals, and their attainability. From this perspective, I can state that this goal is very important to me, which is reflected in its content, and my determination to achieve it. By August 28th, 2022, I will have attained this goal by earning my master’s degree and this will give me a high level of satisfaction that will answer my question of whether I am making any progress.

Financial and Career

An equally important goal is in my key life area of financial and career. This is the goal to create a positive social impact on leadership effectiveness and expand my income streams so I can afford the kind of life I want, which is to travel the world and spend quality time with my family, at my end of life stage. This goal reminds me of an important statement by Buchinger et al. (2021) that life goals are essential at both individual and societal levels. At an individual level, this goal will give me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment upon its realization. Therefore, despite having to take difficult actions that force me to get out of my comfort zone to achieve it, such as giving talks and writing books, which I have to begin within the next one year, the realization of this goal will be phenomenal.

At the societal level, I will be extending the positive impact of my actions beyond the self and creating a better society, particularly in the sector of leadership. The courses I have taken during this program have revealed that there is no standard definition of leadership effectiveness. Various factors come together in making great leaders, meaning that the list is yet to be exhausted. Hence, I would like to make my contribution to this element by adding to the list of what make leaders effective through talking and writing about my leadership experiences, integrating expert opinion, and conducting research. In the next one year, I ought to have begun working on this goal by achieving objectives such as giving three talks by June 30, 2023. By doing this, I will indirectly be there for others, which is rated as one of the most important life goals for the adult lifespan (Buchinger et al., 2021).

I expect my pursuit of this goal and objective to also have a positive impact on my finances. Traveling the world presents one of my end of life goals, which would be difficult to pursue with my current financial status. While it may seem luxurious, it is more of a developmental pursuit that will have positive implications on both my personal and professional knowledge and experience, as opposed to being confined in the same place for an entire lifetime. It is also a pursuit that aligns with age-normative developmental decisions (Buchinger et al., 2021). Simply put, during the end of life stage, many people desire to take a break from their initially busy lives by gaining new experiences, with traveling being one of the strategies to achieve this objective. Therefore, I have the task of first increasing my income streams before venturing into this pursuit. Its accomplishment will leave me with a high sense of satisfaction about how I have lived my life.

Spirituality and Ethics

My goal in this life area is to become an individual with the highest ethical standards to be an example to society at large. This is not to say that I have not been a person of high ethics to this point of my life because most life goals are developed across the adult lifespan (Buchinger et al., 2021). Rather, the goal is an intentional effort to rely on my spirituality to guide my decisions, especially when approaching ethical dilemmas. The objective is to identify key areas in my life that are prone to ethical dilemmas and develop responses founded on my spirituality for more effectiveness.

This objective stems from the fact that my spiritual foundations have moral and ethical principles that could help me substantially in decision-making processes. Further, ethics is associated with good leadership, with a sample statement being that good leaders are both effective and ethical (Ciulla, 2020). The intended actions toward the realization of this goal will have an immense impact on my goals from the other key life areas by ensuring I do not take short cuts. As a result, the goals will be based on honest work, which will elevate my sense of satisfaction.

In conclusion, life goals are critical because they give individuals a sense of purpose, which is accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction upon realization. Based on Buchinger et al.’s (2021) description, the goals identified are aligned with my age and will shape my development. They will also highly contribute to my desired end of life stage, which is a source of motivation for me to pursue them.


Buchinger, L., Richter, D., & Heckhausen, J. (2021). The development of life goals over the adult lifespan. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

Bühler, J. L., Weidmann, R., Nikitin, J., & Grob, A. (2019). A closer look at life goals across adulthood: Applying a developmental perspective to content, dynamics, and outcomes of goal importance and goal attainability. European Journal of Personality, 33(3), 359-384.

Ciulla, J. B. (2020). Ethics and effectiveness: The nature of good leadership. In The search for ethics in leadership, business, and beyond (pp. 3-32). Springer, Cham.

Bottom of Form

Michael Williams

Summarizing Your Portfolio of Visions

Week 6

Completing the Portfolio of Visions journal project has been one of the most rewarding, yet challenging tasks of my educational journey. I have never been one to write down goals and objectives or establish any type of plan to achieve specific desires. I always lived by the simple motto of work as hard as you can, give everything your best effort, and see what happens. This project has given the opportunity to codify many specific things I want to achieve and the lasting impact I aspire to impart of those I am fortunate enough to meet.


I recently watched an NFL Films presentation on Emmitt Smith, the Hall of Fame running back of the Dallas Cowboys. Throughout his life, he was driven by goals, which he constantly updated and placed in prominent locations as a visual reminder. During the episode, his friends and family members talked about his intense drive and his relentless dedication to the development of specific goals for each year. The interviewer asked him where he learned to do this, he said, “A coach asked me in pee wee football what I wanted to accomplish. I said I want to play college football, play in the NFL, and make it to the Hall of Fame. The coach told me all those things are just dreams, until you write them down, then they become goals you strive to achieve” (NFL Films, 2017). This project has forced me to take the time to write down my goals. Now, I must take the first steps toward making them a reality.



Family & Home


Graduate school has kept me extremely busy for 19 months and my family has suffered through my inability to participate in many activities. On Oct 29, 2018, the day after this Capstone is finished; I am going to sit down with my family and establish a plan for the next 12 months. We will decide on a day each week for family activities as well as the plan for a good vacation next summer.


My son is in his sophomore year college and his first year and a half has been a huge adjustment for us all and difficult for him. As my schedule and workload decreases, I want to make a daily effort to communicate with him and give him more of my free time and attention. As much as a teenager wants anyway.


The final major goal I have is to take my family on a European vacation. I have visited 23 countries and 43 states in our Union during my military career. My family could only experience it through pictures. They have dreamed of going to Europe and seeing the sights. A major goal is to plan, save, and go on a whirlwind vacation to Europe and experience everything they have only seen in pictures.  


Financial & Career


In the next few months, I have a huge career decision to make. I have an opportunity to apply and obtain the Deputy Director of Safety job with U.S. Naval Facilities and Engineering Command. Obtaining this job would be a huge undertaking to move from IL, but mark a significant career advancement opportunity. Obtaining this job would be a big pay raise as well as open additional opportunities for advancement in Washington, D.C. 


With the potential to advance in my career, I hope to advance through the Civil Service ranks to the top of the General Schedule system and be a GS-15, the highest rank possible. I am currently a GS-13, and have established a five-year timeframe to obtain the highest GS rank.


The final goal we hope to achieve is to be financially able to build our forever home. I am not sure where that will be, but we hope to be in the financial position to budget and plan, select the location, and build our dream house.


Spiritual & Ethical      


It is very easy to put the needed time required to bolster your spiritual health on the back burner. Life is busy, but spiritual health is as important as physical and mental health. Over the next 12 months, I will make my spiritual health as much of a priority as family and work. 


The level of vitriol and disdain in our political environment is something I never thought I’d see.  Even in the small town I live in, there are unethical political people who have brought down the feeling of community and pride. I want to apply my skills and abilities to run for local government office and bring change to the culture of local politics for the better.  


Finally, after I retire, before I become physically unable, I want to participate in a mission’s trip. I have heard the stories about the life-changing impact a mission’s trip can have on individuals. To be a part of helping those less fortunate than I is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the time. During several deployments throughout my military career, I have been a part of helping local communities in various forms. However, taking part in a mission’s trip is a lifelong, bucket list item. I think the experience would be lift changing. 




NFL Films (Writer & Director) (2017). A football life: Emmitt Smith [Television series episode]. NFL Films (Executive Producer). NFL Films.

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