Walden University Neuropsychiatric Illnesses Discussion

Discussion 1 – Using the resources from lesson one, research and report on a key figure in
neuroplasticity research (cannot be Dr. Donald Hebb). Explain why their work is relevant for the
field and for integrative medicine.
Discussion 2 – Based on the assigned readings from this lesson and others, support the idea that
neuroplastic principles can help an individual overcome disabling or harmful thought processes,
bad habits, or addictions. Explain how quantum physics and neuroplasticity complement each
other to achieve this goal. Where does neuroplasticity fit in with downward causation? Justify
your answer.
Discussion 3 – Dr. Dispenza asserts that by repeating the same thought patterns over and over
again, people absorb them at a cellular level. These thoughts have consequences both on the
material world and on our state of being. They affect health, relationships, life choices, and our
environment. What science is available to support his assertions?
Discussion 4 – Dr. Dispenza says, “if you can imagine a future event in your life based on any
one of your personal desires, that reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field” (16).
The quantum field only responds when our emotions (feelings) and mind (thoughts) are “aligned
or coherent—that is, when they are broadcasting the same signal” (21). What scientific evidence
supports these claims? (Evidence must be something other than what Dr. Dispenza uses in the
Discussion 5 – Dr. Dispenza discusses the three brains necessary to move from thinking to doing
to being: Thinking (Neocortex) – Doing (Limbic Brain) – Being (Cerebellum). What scientific
evidence exists to support the supposition that all three of these parts of the brain are necessary
for successful long-lasting change? How long does it take for the average person to establish new
habits in their life? What evidence is available to support this?
Discussion 6 – The five steps addressed in this lesson – recognizing, admitting/declaring,
surrendering, observing and reminding, and redirecting – have real world applications for many
people. One such example, as in the example studies, is forgiveness (self and others). Choose
one of the five steps and address the health and wellness ramifications of following through.
Support your answer.
Discussion 7 – In the final chapters of his book, Dr. Dispenza addresses the importance of
rehearsing the new state of being because at the outset the mind will fight against changing the
current reality and try to keep the status quo. How and where does quantum physics play a role
in making and keeping this new life? Support your answer.
Discussion 8 – Dr. Dispenza addresses the situation where individuals find themselves stuck in a
repetitive cycle, thinking the same thoughts, leading to the same choices, which cause the same
behaviors, which creates the same experiences, which produce the same emotions, which in turn
drive the same thoughts. Neurochemically, the individual stays the same. What neuroplastic
process is this, and what is the way to overcome it? What research supports your view?
Discussion 9 – Intention plays a significant role in creating a new mental landscape. An
individual’s attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions change their state of being and create their
personality and personal reality. Provide one or more scientific examples and discuss the
practical application of this.
Discussion 10 – More than 40 years of research support the fact that meditation has positive
health benefits. Multiple researchers have conducted brain scans on meditators both before and
after meditation and can show there are changes. Find at least one benefit of meditation not
discussed in the course. Is there a particular area of the brain that is enhanced with meditation?
Support your finding with research.
IQUIM / ► IQ-501 / ► Quizzes / ► IQ-501-2020 – Final Exam / ► Attempt 1
IQ-501 – Neuroplasticity
IQ-501-2020 – Final Exam – Attempt 1
Marks: 1
Joe Dispenza believes that science, as it relates to meditation, is the contemporary language of
Choose one answer.
a. matter
b. quantum physics
c. mysticism
d. living
Marks: 1
The three concepts in orchestrating the placebo response are: (Select all that apply.)
Choose at least one answer.
a. conditioning
b. meaning
c. stimulus
d. expectation
Marks: 1
Re-identifying with environmental cues can quickly negate the placebo effect.
Marks: 1
Joe Dispenza believes that as you begin to plan your behavior and think about a new way of
being by mentally rehearsing your daily life, what happens?
Choose one answer.
a. The synapses in your brain fire.
b. The default mode network fires.
c. Conscious enlightenment occurs.
d. Your brain begins to look like the experience has already occurred.
Marks: 1
Deep restorative sleep is associated with what brainwave frequency?
Choose one answer.
a. beta
b. delta
c. gamma
d. alpha
e. theta
Marks: 1
In quantum physics, matter is defined as a solid particle, and the immaterial energetic field of
information can be defined as the ______.
Choose one answer.
a. vital energy
b. quark
c. wave
d. quanta
Marks: 1
Fewer than ___ percent of people on the planet are born with some genetic condition.
Choose one answer.
a. 5
b. 4
c. 6
d. 3
Marks: 1
The flipside of the placebo effect is called the _______ effect.
Choose one answer.
a. nocebo
b. nonecebo
c. anticebo
d. nuncebo
Marks: 1
What is at least partially responsible for how the seemingly impossible becomes possible?
Choose one answer.
a. amino acids
b. neuropeptides
c. stem cells
d. abiogenetics
Marks: 1
What brainwave frequency is associated with mind awake, body asleep?
Choose one answer.
a. beta
b. alpha
c. delta
d. theta
e. gamma
Marks: 1
Memories of the past are built from seconds and minutes into decades and a lifetime. What is the
first step of the progression?
Choose one answer.
a. attitudes
b. perceptions
c. state of being
d. beliefs
Marks: 1
Atoms display what properties of energy or waves? (Select all that apply.)
Choose at least one answer.
a. quantum movement
b. wavelengths
c. light
d. frequency
e. pulsation
f. vibration
Marks: 1
Every experience – past, present, and future – of every single thing from the smallest
microorganism to the most advanced culture in the universe exists within the field of unlimited
information called the “_______.”
Choose one answer.
a. quantum potential
b. morphogenetic map
c. collective unconscious
d. quantum field
Marks: 1
Three levels of brain-wave patterns make up the beta-wave spectrum. What range is associated
with relaxed, interested attention, like reading a book?
Choose one answer.
a. low-range
b. high-range
c. mid-range
Marks: 1
What is at work when you create the right level of mind with a clear intention and combine it
with a nurturing, elevated emotion, so that the right type of signal can reach the cell’s DNA?
Choose one answer.
a. nocebo effect
b. epigenetics
c. placebo effect
d. abiogenetics
Marks: 1
Expectations of future events modulate anxiety, but they may also induce _______.
Choose one answer.
a. social distress changes
b. fear
c. physiological changes
d. anxiety
Marks: 1
Astonishing evidence that thought (in the form of expectation) could have a greater effect on the
body than the “real” physical environment helped to usher in a new era of scientific study called
Choose one answer.
a. psychoneuroimmunology
b. psychoimmunology
c. neuropsychoimmunology
d. neuropsycheimmunology
Marks: 1
The national average for someone to move into and sustain a meditative state is a little over
______ minutes.
Choose one answer.
a. two and a half
b. three
c. two
d. one and a half
Marks: 1
When a subject expects clinical improvement after placebo administration, there is compelling
experimental evidence that the _______ system is activated.
Choose one answer.
a. tuberoinfundibular
b. mesolimbic dopaminergic
c. nigrostriatal
d. mesocortical
Marks: 1
The _______ model of biology is based on linear events in which chemical reactions occur in a
sequence of steps.
Choose one answer.
a. Newtonian
b. Hallian
c. Edwardian
d. Descartian
Marks: 1
The final process of becoming the placebo involves the step where _______.
Choose one answer.
a. the outer world changes the inner world
b. the inner world changes the inner world
c. the inner world changes the outer world
Marks: 1
What brainwave frequency is associated with the creative, imaginative state?
Choose one answer.
a. theta
b. delta
c. gamma
d. alpha
e. beta
Marks: 1
When done properly, the open-focus technique of meditation does what for the brain? (Select all
that apply.)
Choose at least one answer.
a. synchronize
b. organize
c. process faster
d. work together
e. think more clearly
Marks: 1
The nonphysical immaterial quantum field beyond space and time is the realm of _______.
Choose one answer.
a. opportunity
b. reality
c. possibility
d. probability
Marks: 1
Intrusive thoughts and mind chatter during meditation changes the _______ ratio.
Choose one answer.
a. alpha/beta
b. delta/theta
c. beta/delta
d. theta/alpha
Marks: 1
Repatterning the brain with new signals rewrites the neurological programs and genetically
changes the body.
Marks: 1
_______ studies all of these external signals that tell the cell what to do and when to do it,
looking at both the sources that activate, or turn on, gene expression (upregulating) and those
that suppress, or turn off, gene expression (downregulating) – as well as the dynamics of energy
that adjust the process of cellular function on a moment-to-moment basis.
Choose one answer.
a. Epigenetics
b. Abiogenetics
c. Xenogenetics
d. Digenetics
Marks: 1
Three levels of brain-wave patterns make up the beta-wave spectrum. What range is associated
with highly focused, crisis-mode attention, when stress chemicals are produced?
Choose one answer.
a. low-range
b. high-range
c. mid-range
Marks: 1
A 2010 pilot study led by Harvard’s Ted Kaptchuk, D.O.M., showed that placebos did not
work when people knew they were taking a placebo.
Marks: 1
The state of imbalance in the brain keeps individuals out of homeostasis or equilibrium and can
lead to physical imbalances.
Marks: 1
What brainwave frequency is associated with a twilight state between deep sleep and
Choose one answer.
a. theta
b. alpha
c. gamma
d. beta
e. delta
Marks: 1
The ________ mechanism is central to placebo responsiveness.
Choose one answer.
a. sight
b. learning
c. taste
d. feeling
Marks: 1
A groundbreaking study in the late ’70s showed for the first time that a placebo could trigger the
release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), just as certain active drugs do.
Choose one answer.
a. 80s
b. 70s
c. 60s
d. 50s
Marks: 1
The analytical mind works best with an elevated emotional state.
Marks: 1
What form of meditation is often described as non-judgmental attention to present-moment
experiences has received the most attention in neuroscience research over the past two decades?
Choose one answer.
a. mantra meditation
b. mindfulness meditation
c. chi gong
d. tai chi
Marks: 1
Using the Freedom of Information Act to gather unpublished research, a meta-analysis of 35
clinical trials conducted for four of the six most widely prescribed antidepressants approved
between 1987 and 1999 analyzed the efficacy of the drugs against the placebo effect. Looking at
data from more than 5,000 patients, the researchers found that placebos worked just as well as
the popular antidepressant drugs (Prozac, Effexor, Serzone, and Paxil) a whopping 81 percent of
the time.
Marks: 1
A systematic review that compiled the findings of the attention network test (ATM), as well as
the effects on other measures of cognition, concluded that early phases of mindfulness
meditation might be associated with improvements in conflict monitoring and orienting. Later
phases mainly were associated with improving _______.
Choose one answer.
a. alerting
b. stimuli
c. orienting
d. conflict monitoring
Marks: 1
Once thought becomes the experience, you begin to feel the emotion of how the event would feel
in reality. Your brain makes a different type of chemical messenger – a neurolipid – that sends it
out to the cells in your body. The neuropeptide looks for the appropriate receptor sites, or
docking stations, on various cells so that it can deliver its message to the body’s hormonal centers
and, ultimately, the cell’s DNA, and the cells get a new message that the event has occurred.
Marks: 1
The interactions between _______ form an intercommunication that unifies the physical,
material world and the energy fields that make up the whole.
Choose one answer.
a. atoms and molecules
b. matter and energy
c. consciousness and energy
d. consciousness and unconsciousness
Marks: 1
What is the brain state where you can more readily change your body’s automatic programs?
Choose one answer.
a. delta
b. alpha
c. low beta
d. theta
e. mid beta
Marks: 1
A meditation exercise that is used for adults with social anxiety is called _______.
Choose one answer.
a. acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
b. mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)
c. dialectic behavior therapy (DBT)
d. mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT)
Marks: 1
What type of physics has its limitations when it comes to the study of energy, the actions of the
immaterial world beyond space and time, and the behavior of atoms?
Choose one answer.
a. metaphysics
b. quantum
c. thermodynamic
d. Newtonian
Marks: 1
In a study by _______ rats died by thought alone. Researchers were beginning to see that the
mind was clearly able to subconsciously activate the body in several powerful ways they had
never imagined.
Choose one answer.
a. Jon Levine
b. Robert Ader
c. Ivan Pavlov
d. Nicholas Cohen
Marks: 1
The brain’s ability to adapt and change when we learn new information is the definition of:
Choose one answer.
a. neuroelasticity
b. neuroplasticity
c. neuroadaptability
d. neuroredundancy
Marks: 1
What brainwave frequency is associated with an elevated state of consciousness?
Choose one answer.
a. beta
b. alpha
c. theta
d. gamma
e. delta
Marks: 1
Three levels of brain-wave patterns make up the beta-wave spectrum. What range is associated
with focused attention on an ongoing stimulus outside the body, like learning and then
Choose one answer.
a. high-range
b. mid-range
c. low-range
Marks: 1
What form of studies were mostly done on meditation?
Choose one answer.
a. longitudinal
b. bilateral
c. cross-sectional
d. investigative
Marks: 1
To change a belief or perception, you first have to change your _______.
Choose one answer.
a. perceptions
b. reality
c. state of mind
d. state of being
Marks: 1
What frequencies spend more time in the material world and thus appear as matter?
Choose one answer.
a. lower
b. higher
c. faster
d. slower
Marks: 1
What are the two times during the day that are most conducive to meditation?
Choose at least one answer.
a. right before going to bed at night
b. right after lunch
c. early morning before others are awake
d. right after getting up in the morning

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