1. What are the pros and cons of whistleblowing?

2. Describe a situation you have been involved with that you considered whistle -blowing. Did you ? If so what was the outcome. If you did not…..what was the outcome.


 Case Study, Chapter 18, Academic Integrity in Nursing Education: Is it Declining?

A group of nursing students are in the middle of an exam when two students witness another student pull out his phone and look up answers. Neither student informs the faculty member but after the exam they discuss what they witnessed.

1. Describe the most common forms of cheating in the classroom and in the clinical area.

2. What should the nursing students do in regard to what they witnessed during the exam?

3.Why is it important for them to do anything?


 Investigate normal changes of aging related to the heart.

·  Prepare an educational
describing these changes. 


 Investigate normal changes of aging related to the heart.

· Complete the pamphlet you started in DQ 1 by
adding factors that promote cardiovascular health.

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