Revision Policy

Achiever Essays is an academic writing website that provides students with world-class assignment and essay help services. Our high-quality assignment help services are available to students all over the world. As long as the service is acceptable in your country, you can access and use our website and its services without any problems at any time of the day or night.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will do anything in our power to ensure all your academic requirements are met. To ensure full satisfaction, our customers enjoy free uncountable revisions on all written materials received from us. If the quality of your custom paper does not meet your academic standards, contact us and request a free revision. We will revise your paper to full satisfaction. To get a free revision, your revision request must meet the following criteria. 

Consistent instructions

When filling the order form, ensure you provide full, final, and exact assignment instructions. Provide all the information you think will be important in the processing of your order for the best results. We will not be held responsible for mistakes emerging from missing instructions once your paper has been delivered as per your initial instructions. 

If you are unsatisfied, feel free to request a free revision. Your revision request will be reviewed by our quality control department who will either accept or ignore your revision request. If the department decides that your instructions were fully met, your free revision request will not be accepted. 

Proper revision request

To place your revision request, press the “Request revision” button on your personal order page once your order has been delivered. This is the only proper and acceptable way to request a revision and any revision requests sent through email or call will be ignored. If you contact our support with your revision request, ensure to officiate this by pressing the request revision button and follow the steps provided to give revision instructions.

14 days deadline

You have up to 14 days from the time you approve your paper to request a free revision. Once the 14 days period has elapsed, you cannot request nor receive a free revision. You can send your free revision request any time as long your order has not been approved but after the approval, you only have 14 days. 

21 days deadline for long orders with a progressive delivery feature

Long orders are orders with a delivery period of between 12 to 14 days or more. Most long orders have a progressive delivery feature which means the orders are delivered in parts. Each part is delivered upon completion and the writer starts working on the next section once the previous section has been approved. You have 21 days to send your revision request after the initial approval. After 21 days, free revision becomes impossible.

NB: Once your order has been delivered to your order page, review it and request a free revision as soon as possible where necessary. This also applies in cases where your order was delivered before the assignment deadline. You do not have to wait for the deadline to pass to request a free revision. The earlier you request a revision the better as the writer will have enough time to revise your paper.

You can request to have revision assigned to another writer. If this happens, you might be requested to extend your revision deadline by up to 12 hours. This will give time to get a qualified writer to revise your paper while giving the writer enough time to revise your paper. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any requests to make concerning your order’s revision.

Possible reasons for requesting a revision

The following are some of the possible reasons why a client might request a revision.

  • Failure of the writer to meet assignment instructions. 
  • If the paper is plagiarized.
  • Issues with grammar or the language used in writing the essay.
  • Failure of the writer to use the instructed format.
  • Following order instructions incorrectly.

When will I be requested to pay an extra fee?

  • When you miss the deadline for a free revision request. If you missed the 21 or 14days deadline period, you can still request a revision at a small fee. Your revision request will be reviewed and a fee agreed upon by our Quality Control department. Contact us anytime you need help with the revision of your paper. If you missed the free revision period, don’t worry as your paper can still be revised at a small fair price. 
  • If your paper needs major enhancements. Major enhancements might require a lot of time and effort as the writer might be required to write the paper from scratch. If this is your case, you will be requested to pay an extra fee which will be agreed upon by our Quality Control Department.  Revision fees are different in each case and will be agreed upon by reviewing revision instructions. 
  • In case of a change in your initial instructions. Do you want to alter your initial instructions and your paper has already been delivered? Worry no more as we are here to help. We can revise your paper for a fee that will be agreed upon after reviewing your revision instruction. The revision fee is lower than a full assignment fee and will depend on factors such as the revision deadline and the amount of revision expected.

NB: Apart from revising papers written by our writers, we also offer paid revision services to customers who need someone to improve or revise their essays. If you have an essay that you are not sure about its quality, we are ready to improve the essay for you. We have employed a large team of professional editors who will go through your essay to eliminate any grammatical errors and ensure that assignment instructions were followed and your requirements were met fully.

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