Week 4-Discussion


  • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Choose one of the following topics on which to focus for this Discussion:

    Acute care PPS
    Skilled nursing facility PPS
    Inpatient rehabilitation facility PPS
    Inpatient facility PPS
    Inpatient psychiatric PPS
    Hospital outpatient PPS
    Ambulatory surgical center PPS

    By Day 4

    Post a comprehensive response to the following:

    • Summarize the payment system including reimbursement concepts (e.g., diagnostic related groups, discounting, outliers, etc.).
    • Describe the benefits the payment system offers to healthcare organizations.
    • Describe the drawbacks the payment system has for healthcare organizations.
    • Detail your overall opinion of the prospective payment system. Do you think it is beneficial? Explain your response.
    • Include any additional information about the payment system that would be helpful to the patient.

    Provide specific examples in your response. Support your post with the Learning Resources and at least one outside scholarly source.

    Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings..

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